Santoshi Dojo

Karate Jutsu, Aiki Jutsu & Hojutsu (Modern Firearms)

Santoshi Dojo

Santoshi Dojo  is a training hall studying the Nippon Shinshin Ryu martial arts under the Kokusai Shinshin Bugei Renmei.

Santoshi (Tri-Cities) Dojo is charted with the KSBR under the current Head-Family, Darrell Collins.  We are licensed to teach the Kempo / Karate-jutsu and Aiki-jutsu Ryugi of Shinshin Ryu.  Buki (weapons) and Iaido are taught to advanced students.   

We are currently looking to open a physical location.  We will be accepting students as soon as we secure a place to train!

Santoshi Dojo will be the personal defense department of Tri Cities Training Group Inc.  We specialize in martial arts, modern firearms to include defensive pistol, carbine, shotgun, and long range precision.    

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